I was recently invited to take part in a group exhibit to be held at the Britannia Mine Museum. Initially my reaction was to submit pieces that I had already completed and that would be suggestive of the idea of mining. However once I started to investigate the history of the mine I realized that there were fabulous tales to be told. I fully delved into researching the mine and the stories of the miners, their families and the world they lived in.

For a good portion of the mines life it existed in isolation from the world accessible only by boat. Britannia and its associated mining camps was a company town through and through, governing its denizens through a semi benign paternalism that created a tightly knit community.

My pieces investigate this community. These lives that seem almost the stuff of fiction, from some faraway time and place and yet this is part of our recent experience and a shared local history

My pieces integrate archival images, photographs, text and found objects to tell the stories my research has uncovered. They are a way of immersing myself in these lives as they slowly fade from memory, just as the many rusting and deteriorating artifacts that can be found on the former mining sites.

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