Story Cycle – Part 1 is the first of a series of paintings that recount stories/memories from members of my family. The unifying element in the series is that all the stories relate to memories that involve bicycles. The bicycle that dominates the painting acts as a historic place marker dating the memory captured. The bicycle acts as the conduit for the memory while at the same time acting as a barrier to the memories revealed behind.
Story Cycle Part 1 – is comprised of fifteen cradled wood panels that are bolted together. They have been sealed with a textured layer of acrylic modeling paste and plaster. A combination of found images and recreated scenes are printed out using a colour copier with 11×17 output. The images are pieced together and are transferred onto the panels using acrylic medium. The images are then over painted, the text added and layers of light coloured washes, drips and splatters are used to obscure the background.

The complete Story Cycle Series Parts 2 to 5 will be comprised of five large scale paintings (80”x60” / 2035x1525mm), a series of small collaged and painted studies (6”x8” / 150x200mm), several studies done on Mylar and mounted on light boxes (16”x24” / 450x610mm), three bicycles used as props, four sculptures “(In)finite Path”, “Artifact – Suitcase”, “Artifact – Trunk 1 & 2” as well as a collection of artifacts (boots, pants, sleeping bag etc.). The final element will be a series of videos taken during the cycling photo-shoots.

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