Artist Statement

I am interested in storytelling and remembering as a creative act.

What I find compelling about reminiscences is that they are a blend of fact and fiction; tinted by societal norms, individual personalities and perceptions. Recollecting is a means of mediating between the perceived reality of ”history” and individual memory.

I investigate the vague spaces of both individual and collective memory that lie between historical events, mythology and storytelling. I want to reveal the hidden phenomena that underlie the everyday and that define our place in the world. These phenomena can be revealed through memories and emotions. The images and artifacts used in my art act as touchstones for recollection.

The constant retelling and remembering subtlety transforms any given narrative over time. In my inability to know the true circumstances surrounding the event, I have dropped my desire to verify all ‘the facts’. I am left to rely only on my imagination to recreate and give it a physical manifestation; to try to freeze it in time.

In this realm of uncertainty I begin to construct my mixed media work, starting with researching and collecting personal and historical accounts. Sometimes I stage and photograph recreations of events using family members or myself as the protagonist. These images are then used to act as intermediaries between fact and memory and are combined with found objects, personal mementos and text. I like to discover unrelated elements, finding the commonalities and then unifying the disparate fragments. The intent is not to recreate one particular historic moment, but instead to capture the mood that the act of remembering elicits.

“Memory isn’t accurate but it is true, it records what we feel about things not what we know”

Hughie O’Donoghue